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Zambesc amar, stiu ca ce a trecut a trecut si mai stiu ca timpul meu a trecut

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Uneori apa cu care te speli pe fata dimineata e ca o palma .. doare…as prefera sa simt acum o mie de palme pe fata decat durerea asta mica din inima...
Probabil primele post-uri se vor hrani din functia copy / paste pentru ca sunt secatuita de vorbe - dar as putea sa umplu un blog intreg din mesajele pe care ti le-am dat...

Uite unul:

I'm not giving you up just yet, so don't abandon me... cause I'll be crawling through each day lacking meaning and substance, confused and unable to give a smile...I have become that already in your absence and my only heart throbs occur when I embrace the thought of your return.

I miss you, I miss feeling you inside of me, taking me places I'd gladly return over and over again. You are like nobody before and I can't distinguish anything after you.

I'm waiting for you, each corner of my house, my bed, my being is welcoming you as their master...oh yes, love will do that to a person and my ego is just now discovering how to kneel down...

I'll be waiting for you... it's the only meaning I'm able to find for myself right now.

Te iubesc Pitik.


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